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Distributed by Verizon, the Ellipsis 7 is an Android 4.4 KitKat tablet that features a 7" display and a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor. Can also be identified with the model number QMV78.

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Why are my front facing speakers not working?


I was using my tablet one morning while drinking coffee. I set my tablet down on the table and accidentally spilled coffee all over my tablet. I dried it off and everything works fine but the speakers. How do I fix this? Are my speakers bad and do I need to replace them or is there a cheaper alternative?

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Hi Taylor,

Sorry to hear that you have problems with your speakers. The coffee most likely caused water damage to your speakers. The front facing speakers allow liquid to enter the speaker area fairly quickly. I recommend replacing them using the speaker replacement guide found here on iFixit.

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Honestly, the only way you can find out what is the cause of it would be to open it up and determine if it is caused by the spilled coffee. It sounds like liquid damage but again we need to open it up to determine what it is.

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