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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Insulating sheet for Hard Drive

I have a PowerBook G4 without a hard drive. I obtained a replacement drive but I had no white-ish plastic sheet to insulate the circuitry from the components inside the body of the laptop, which I'm pretty sure would short something if exposed and in contact with each other.

Unfortunately, I thought of placing a cut piece of anti-static bag under the hard drive, and while I'm not positive this was the cause, the drive was dead (clicking on initialization, no booting) within 12 hours. Sad! So I don't think I can use that method.

Is there anywhere to get that plastic sheet or is there something suitable around the house? Parchment paper, maybe?

I'm really not interested in accidentally killing another increasingly rare hard drive.


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That's going to be a tough part to find. An alternative would be the MacBook Hard Drive Bracket which I think would be easier to find. MacBook Hard Drive Bracket

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MacBook Hard Drive Bracket


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That is an excellent suggestion, assuming it is thin enough, which it looks like it is. Only other issue is... there aren't any. Maybe I can scrounge one. Thank you all the same.


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