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1.7 GHz dual-core Intel Processor (Turbo Boost up to 2.6 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache

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What to do after MacBook Air getting water damaged

Long story short, tea spill on macbook air 11 inch 2012 version. I put it in rice at the beginning, and made the mistake of trying to start it multiple times before cleaning it. It started several times, each time getting worse and eventually won't start at all.

I got the necessary tools to took it apart down to the logic board, and cleaned it. The logic board doesn't look bad at all, it doesn't look like any of the moisture sensor turned red on the logic board. Two of the moisture sensor on the battery turned red.

After drying it, I put it back together and tried starting it without the battery. After pressing the power button for several seconds, the keyboard lights up and then went dark. Nothing started up. Power Connector light is orange.

I then put the battery back and tried starting it. Power Connector light is Green (Does that mean the battery isn't dead after-all?) Same thing as before, keyboard light comes up and went dark.

What are your recommendations? Would a new battery make any difference? Is the logic board totally dead?


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Does the keyboard light up as soon as the power button is pressed, or a bit after? This only should light up once it boots and gets into an OS. Sounds like there could still be liquid damage on the logic board. Brushing it won't get under chips, so you may have to take it somewhere to get ultrasonic cleaned. Try turning it on with minimal components plugged in, in case it is a case of another component causing the issue. Probably isn't the battery, so I wouldn't buy a new one.

Check the trackpad cable and I/O cable (across the fan) for any burnt pins or corrosion. Also check the charging board, and the trackpad board.

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The keyboard light up a bit after the power button is pressed. what does that indicate?


It sounds like its getting into an OS (which is good). Try a PRAM/NVRAM reset after pressing the power button, and you should hear it chime. Press the caps lock key as well, which should light up if getting into an OS.

If this is the case, could be no backlight or no display. Shine a light through the Apple logo in the lid to check, and let me know. This will either be logic board work (soldering, or replacing) or a screen/screen cable issue, if it is getting into an OS. Try it through an external monitor/tv if possible


How do I reset the PRAM/VRAM? Is it hold down Command-Option-P-R?


Yes thats correct, after pressing the power button


Oh boy, now its completely dead. The logo doesn't light up, the keyboard neither. There is no Chime at all so I can't even seem to reset the PRAM/VRAM.... I dont get it, the board looks very clean and doesn't seem like its damaged at all....


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after a device get wet you never turn it on.

you should open all parts and drying the boards carefully with drawning them in rise.

becuase under ic or anything has legs on board the water can remail longtime.

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