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Released July 24, 2014, Amazon's Fire Phone is Amazon's first smartphone, designed to compete with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

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continous boot looping issue

One day i was using my amazon fire phone at once it starts boot looping and i tried my best to solve it but i failed so, if any one knows the solution please let me know.

thank you.

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Hey there! I am having the same issue and yes i did replace my Fire Phone's battery but it didn't work for me at all, it still keeps on rebooting with the newly replaced battery and both batteries are 100% fine, even tried the hard reset and everything but still... If there is any solution that could help please do share.



im facing same problem. please give some solution


I have the same problem, happened to my two fire phones. Must be a bug in OS or something.


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Problem maybe in your battery. Replace it and if lucky it will boot normally. I got the same phenomenon and after tried many solutions, I replaced battery. It worked ! So, let's make your Fire great again :D.

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