Compressor Cooling Fan stops

Refrig/Freezer has recent cooling fan...worked for 4 months then inverter went out and was replaced. At first unit would not start, but after being turned off for two days everything came on and worked for a week. Now the cooling fan isn't working and it no longer cools. An ideas why fan starts-works-then quits?

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How old is this machine? What is the model number? Who did the service on the machine?


It is from 2005. Model KSC525IN5500. Sears diagnosed both parts, which I replaced. I shut it off about 25 minutes ago-upon restarting the fan came on-it is probably cooling, but need more time to be sure.


It is cooling now. But, as noticed two days ago, it is cooling the freezer past the set point (currently at 0, while set for 6 degrees. I suspect it will fail again soon.


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