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Acer's light and convertible multi-touch tablet with detachable keyboard dock, released in 2015 as a part of the Acer One Series.

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My tablet is not connecting with the keyboard.

When I type on the keyboard, nothing is showing up on the tablet screen. What can I do?

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My grandson's tablet had the same problem. I took the keyboard apart and no problems. I then used the directions from Acer One 10 S1002-145A to take the back off the screen unit. I proceeded to unscrew the connector to the keyboard and when I lifted it the ribbon cable just fell out. It turns out the ribbon cable was not fully inserted when I did (and also lifted the adhesive to better hold the cable). This appears to be a quality control issue of ACER in not properly attaching the ribbon cable. The unit works fine now. If you try this, be careful in taking the unit apart. A good time to check the battery too.


WOW. Thank you so much for this guide. My keyboard wasn't connecting and last time I had to send it to Acer ...and that took a month. This time it is out of warranty and it wouldn't connect again!!!.... After opening it following this guide, it was immediately visible that the cable was out.

Thank you SO much!


i had the same problem after it was dropping down. the problem is that the connector cable is very short. after i opend it and moved it a bit down and reconnect it was working fine.


i had the same problem what can i do to fix the keyboard dock of my device when i connect it to the tablet the whole dock do not function.


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One reason this could be happening is due to the connection between the keyboard and the tablet. The connection where the keyboard and the tablet meet could be faulty or misplaced.

Remove the keyboard from the tablet and examine the magnetic hinge in the center of the keyboard. If it is damaged, you will need to buy a new keyboard.

If the connection is not damaged, it could be an internal connection problem. Look at this troubleshooting page for help on keyboard connection problems.

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