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A corded, electric, 5 amp spiral saw power tool with a two speed motor by Rotozip. The device comes with a variety of drill bits, sanding and polishing wheels, and a carrying case.

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Why is my saw overheating?

When I use my saw for only a few minutes, it overheats.

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An overheating is usually a signal of a dysfunctional cooling fan. Over time, dirt and sawdust particles get stuck in the fan causing it to jam up. It could also be that the fan was damaged by a larger piece of debris entering the casing. In either case, you will have to switch out the fan. Since the fan is part of the motor assembly, the entire motor would need to be replaced. See the motor replacement guide for further instructions.

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Oh whatever! You dont have to replace the whole motor just because of plastic fan blade! Remove collet, remove the snap ring, then pull the front bearing. Using the same bearing puller, pull the fan blade. Cut a groove in it to remove. Or carefully heat the metal shaft with a small torch, and pull the blade back to it's original position on the shaft. Once it cools off, the fan blade stays tight. Not much of a fan anyway, seems to be pretty useless blade design. That front bearing may be the culprit causing it to overheat. If it's dirty, doesn't spin freely, has some drag, it could be cleaned and repacked with grease. Easier to just replace it! Hell, who ever gonna go through all that crap? It's easier to just replace this cheap p.o.s. Rotozip tool! I got mine for $10 at the Restore with a broken shaft lock and a loose fan blade that was stuck. Should've been free, given the time it took to fix it, but would probably be in the garbage now if it wasn't for me buying broken $@$* without looking.


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