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Laptops manufactured by Toshiba.

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but the screen is black

Please help, My Laptop (Toshiba Satellite L75D) turns on, indicator lights on, fan is running, but the screen is black. I tried all the instructions but nothing worked. Any idea how to fix this?

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Hi, Try connecting an external monitor and see if there is a display on it.


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first you must do some tests before like changing the ram connect to external lcd then i will told you

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Hey, as the previous commenter suggests, if your laptop supports external display you can plug it into a monitor or a TV to at least see if its the Graphics chip OR the screen itself that's flaking out on you.

If the display (HDMI/VGA/Display Port etc) sends a signal to the external display you have a problem with the LED/LCD in the laptop.

If you don't, then there is likely a good chance the issue is with your graphics chip, or something else.

I've seen the display issue being anything from a kinked cable, to a blown backlight. Most times its approximately $100-150 fix depending on where you source the parts, and who puts it in. (I've seen big box stores charge upwards of $300-600 depending on screen size)

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