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Released December of 2004, identified by model number 3545GZ.

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Why does my computer shut off when it gets warm?

I will be using my laptop when all of the sudden it shuts off. As far as I can tell, it is not caused by a virus or anything on the software side. And when it shuts off, the laptop is warm to the touch. What is the issue here?

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This could be due to the fan being clogged with dust and debris, Inspect the Fan port and clean if necessary

There could also be dust in other components of the laptop, I suggest a disassembly and a thorough cleaning. You could get a External Fan pad so the internal fan doesn't have to work so hard and therefor less debris would enter your system, I have done this with all my laptops and only not use them if I have to and the results are minimal debris catching inside and building up.

Buy a can of compressed air and shoot some air into the ports while the laptop is running, if your allergic do this outside to lessen your exposure, when done it should perform better. Cans of air are usually between 5-15 dollars and last a few good cleaning if you don't want the hassle of disassembly.

Let me know and keep me posted

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Note, it's a 2004. Maybe time for some thermal paste? Fan removal and vents cleaned?


Yes that could very well be time for replacement of parts, Usually thermal paste is good for 4-7 years depending on the quality and use/heat.

I suggest exactly what you said.


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Your computer may be experiencing problems on the physical side such as your fan not functioning properly, this may be the cause. The fan that cools the computer might be malfunctioning, so it would be ideal to take it out and try to clean it, if that doesn't work you may need to replace the heat-sink/fan unit.

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