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4th generation of BMW's popular 3 Series line of sedans and coupes.

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How do I add oild to the transmission?

How can I add oil to the transmission in a bmw 325i 2003 ?

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I don't think Liz means "add oild(sic) to the transmission," she either means: 'how do I replenish the oil in my car?' or 'how do I add transmission fluid?' I'm thinking that a simple answer to the question: "How do I replenish the oil/how do I know when it's full?" might be all she needs. I dare not even venture into the whole 'transmission' arena.....


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Do not add oil to the transmission . Add transmission fluid. It might be good to go to some place like Auto Zone and get a free computer read out just to check it out, While there ask them what fluid to buy and where to put it in.

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