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The GameCube is Nintendo's fourth console gaming system. Repair is simple and requires only common tools.

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Why does the gamecube constantly freeze?

I'll be playing my game for around 20 minutes and the system will just freeze. Then I'm forced to restart. I'm kinda thinking it might be a overheating issue but I cleaned out all of the dust in the system. Furthermore, I've taken very good care of it. Nothing bad has ever happened to it. Any help would be appreciated. If more information is needed I can certainly supply it.

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What did you do to clean it out? Could you describe the freezing issue in a little more detail(Does the music still play, etc.) Is it with a specific game or all games? Is the system making a lot of noise? Is the fan spinning when in operation?


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I love my GameCube. I would be really peeved if this 20 minutes thing happened to me.

The first thing to try is to pull out any memory cards, only use one controller and most importantly: use a known good game disc.

I have a brand new GameCube Game which I only use for trouble shooting. I don't like the game and never, ever play it, unless I need to test something.

GameCube can be finicky if your favorite disc has any scratches, fingerprints.

Discs can also go bad if you write your name on the label side with a permanent marker.

Even if you have taken great care of your GameCube, you may have left it plugged in to the wall outlet (power mains). I know this sounds silly, but the official instructions tell you to unplug the unit when not in use. Sure it's crazy, but I actually do this.

And it is not enough to use a surge protector, you have to make sure your surge protector is still working and that nothing else is plugged into it.

My town has lots of brown outs, where the lights dim and come back on bright. No surge protector will save your GameCube in a case like that. Repeated electrical surges and brownouts can slowly fry any gadget.

If the fan is working okay, you can try this last ditch test. Get a rubber ice bag for headaches or sprains, or a blue ice cooling pack for lunch bags and use it to cool the GameCube while in use. Be careful not to block any vents and watch out for moisture or water.

If the ice pack extends the playing time beyond 20 minutes, you may have to replace the thermal paste on the CPU heat sink, the fan, or make other repairs.

Luckily GameCubes are also available refurbished for about $30 USD if you can not make the repair. You can also find them on if that group is in your area. Best wishes on getting that GameCube fully operational.

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My game cube does that to it seem's to be all the games and it makes a lot of noise when it freezes after 20 minutes of playing, nothing will work. Buttons on the controller won't work so I'm forced to restart it and it seems to be getting worse every time I play it it's getting frustrated. Also playing star wars the last three chapters my player one and two get switched and it's confusing because it's only that game. Why.

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mine freezez when im playinf ssbm in a specific round

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mine freezes when im playin zelda ocarena of time master quest, spyro enter the dragonfly, and ty 3

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