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The second generation of Corvair with an improved suspension and new body style was released in 1965. It's air-cooled, rear engine design is similar to that of a Volkswagen, or Porsche.

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How can I make my system produce more than standard voltage charging

1965 corvair—i basicaly want to upgrade my system so my car doesnt die out when using my stereo & usbie

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For a start, it's probably not voltage you need more of, but current or capacity. If you need more power while the vehicle is running, you will need to retrofit an alternator that can deliver more amps than the one you have currently installed. If you need more power when the vehicle is off, you could either replace your battery with one that has a higher amp-hour rating, or retrofit a second battery wired in parallel. This would double your capacity, letting you run your stereo for twice as long while the engine is off.

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I'm assuming it's a standard stock style alternator in your car. Back in the 60's and 70's cars didn't have a ton of electronics so they didn't need very powerful charging systems. If all your cables are good and you have a decent battery almost every older car made you can buy a high amp alternator that should fit in the factory brackets. A lot depends on how much stero system your running. If you have amps and subwofers you should run a good battery like a optima gel cell and a high amp alt. If it's just a aftermarket stereo with 4-8 speakers and no amps usually u can just use a good battery as long as your alternator is actually charging like it should be. 1 last thing you can do is buy an aftermarket pulley or pulley set. That basically works by making your alt spin faster and making it charge more.

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