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Animatronic plush doll that should sing and dance.

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Sending in for repairs

I am really nervous about opening up Gizmo. Can I send him to you for repairs? He won't dance.

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My sons won't dance anymore either. :( he's obsessed with gizmo. He's 4 with autism. He's so distraught I'm thinking about just going ahead and buying another. He's had it only 2 days Today!


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Hi David!

We actually don't do repairs for people, we're a free online repair documentation resource. There does appear to be a guide here to troubleshoot one that won't dance:

Repairing NECA Gremlins Dancing Gizmo Plush Doll Dance function

But if you really aren't comfortable performing the repair yourself considering contacting some local repair shops to find someone to help!

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