What Models Support CE-ATA Hard Drives?

Your product: "MacBook Air (Late 2008/Mid2009) Hard Drive Bracket and Cable - Prod# IF188-031-1, Apple Part# 922-8327, 922-8768 - Clearly shows a CE-ATA-LIKE hard drive interface cable, as evidenced by the 2 square holes on each side that fits into the hard drive (but the 24 contacts make it appear to be a SATA CABLE. The CE-ATA drives are often 160GB hard drives. I have seen postings on the web were people are trying to replace their CE-ATA or SATA drives with other drives, but run into interface problems due to the cable.

Based on those photos and your own parts (out of stock) it would appear that the SATA interface drive was used on some MacBook Airs... but was the CE-ATA drive ever used? If so, which modelss?

Can anyone tell me how to identify which, if any, MB Airs shipped with the CE-ATA drives?

Thank you.


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