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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Who sells the "Mystery Part" on the Wifi Antenna?


On the iPhone 6 Plus, there is a Single Silver donut shaped washer that sits loosely in the screw insert hole. The washer is shown in several of the different iPhone 6 Plus repair guides, it can be viewed in Step# 25 of the WiFi Antenna repair guide, you will need to click on the additional photo thumbnails which are located in the upper right side of the Step# 25 guide, above the written instructions.( I added 2 photos of the Washer for your viewing pleasure)

If you look closely at the Wifi Antenna in photo B. you will see the small Silver colored single Washer that the technician has placed in the screw hole inset, you can see the washer is sitting loosely in its intended location.

Block Image

Block Image

I have tried locating this washer to purchase, at I know, 30 -40 different iPhone parts wholesalers, retailers, and even iPhone repair shops. I going to say, probably 95% of them I have contacted trying to scourge this iPhone 6 Plus Part, don't sell it, and have never heard of it. Of the other 5% that emailed me back, most of them think I'm referring to the part that's mounted next to the Wifi antenna, that's attached to the iPhones rear housing. Which is the wrong part.

So, if there is anyone out there that knows where I can buy this washer from, I'd sure appreciate someone letting me know where exactly I can find and purchase this Mystry Part. Because I've searched the web for a week now and I can't find a single place that sells this part.



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Any thin metal washers of the same size will do. This is just to prevent the screw grinding into the antenna plastic.

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I was trying to figure out how to send a message to you. I figured you might know something about it, if anyone does. However, before I can click on the; Accept Answer button, where can I buy a actual replacement washer part?? , none of the spare washers I have are small enough to fit in and lay flat, they all are just big enough that the raised area around the screw hole keeps them from fitting in the well that the screw drops into? I've tried the smallest ones I've collected over time and none are small enough to fit in that inset ?

I've checked multiple wholesales, and every other place I could think of that might have one of these washers. I'd like to buy a bag of them just to have around.

Thanks for the reply


I can't find it in China. If you can't find it in China, you can't find it anywhere.


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