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Vacuum chamber and autoclave

I was doing a little research and I'm still unsure what can I use each of these tools for. From what I read, a vacuum chamber is used for removing air bubbles from a freshly laid LOCA and an autoclave is used to remove air bubbles from OCA.

Please confirm this info and add corrections.

Thank you.

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The vacuum chamber(Laminator) is where it presses down on the fresh glass/OCA to evenly seal it. The autoclave pulls any remaining bubbles out. So, yes, you're correct. :)

Source: I refurbish LCD's everyday!

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This item states that it can also be used to remove Loca bubbles

By vacuum chamber I meant a pot-like container, not a laminating machine with the gold plates.


That's what I meant, my apologies.


You would want something like this:


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