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24" display; Built-in iSight Camera, Microphone, and Speakers; 1920x1200 resolution. Released October 2008, identified by model number A1267.

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How do I connect it to a PC?

Is it possible to connect Apple Cinema Display to a PC that has DVI or HDMI connector?

Is there any one who successfully done it?

Thanks in advance,

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Get a ADC to DVI adapter, here's one:

Here's Apple's discusion of this issue:

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@Mayer and Charles Fisher

The LED Cinema Display hasn't the ADC connector. It has the Mini DisplayPort cable.


You must find a DVI to Mini DisplayPort adaptor to use this display. It's this: .


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Not exactly the correct adapter


This answer is 11 years out of date and the links have expired. Here's an adapter that plugs into HDMI socket on the PC and connects to mini displayport connector of the monitor.


In 2020, the only affordable dongle I can find for it is this one (if you want monitor with Mini DisplayPort to computer with regular DisplayPort):

Conversion to HDMI also exists, but is scarce. It’s also lower-performance, so use DisplayPort if you can. Otherwise, conversion to ThunderBolt (which is also good) is common; there are at least 20 vendors of those converters. But that’s useless on most Windows boxes. I’ve only ever seen one non-Mac motherboard with a TB port, and it’s not the sort of thing most people get a bus card for. DVI is basically dead; no one in 2020 is likely to need that. :-)


I’ve connected a Windows 10 to a 27” Apple cinema display (2010) using these connectors:

* StarTech hdmi to DisplayPort 1.2 4K : HD2DP

* StarTech DisplayPort cable : DP2MDPMF6IN

Then add the free windows 10 driver for getting brightness control




For those who still as I am wonder, this device should do the trick cheaper: DVI to Mini DisplayPort Adapter with Audio


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Easiest just to get a graphics card for the PC with a DisplayPort socket. It’s what I did when building a new PC back in 2010. Then I just ordered a simple mini-DP to DP adaptor cable, and then many years of blissful Cinema Display usage with my PC followed.

Until the cinema display stopped working.

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I picked up an 23” Apple Cinema HD Display, A1082, from a neighbor getting ready to junk it, for free. I now have Windows 10 machines, with one in my back room to run a model railroad. It turns out that it had a graphics card with a DVI port. The main monitor was on the VGA port already. So for kicks and giggles I plugged the DVI cable from the monitor in, plugged the power cable into the power brick and the display did nothing. So I powered on the PC and lo and behold the power light on the display came on and it all powered up and I now have a beautiful 1920 x 1200 display, making it a dual screen system. So my advice is to get a graphics card with DVI and keep it simple.


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