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What is a safe way to remove moment glue from the keyboard?

You really don't want to know I ended up getting a few drops of super moment glue on my Macbook keyboard, but luckily nothing horrible has happened (i.e. nothing actually glued together), but now I've got a small stain of glue on two keys and I am looking for a way to remove traces of that glue from them.

Is it possible that acetone will also destroy the paint on the keyboard or should I go right at it?

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I have the same problem its not off yet! Plus its a school computer I would say buy some goo gone and rub a little bit on your computer with a towel gentely. Hot water and a towel too.


I have the same problem. I got a drip of nail glue on my school laptop and I've tried a lot of things. I feel like I should just give up.


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Surprisingly its just easier and safer to pop the caps off and replace them. Here's one source: TheBookYard - Replacement Keycaps

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super helpful! seems easy but not everyone has money like that


What can I say!

Live with the glue gobs on the keys then, If the key won't work you really don't have any options. Using any solvent that will soften the glue will also damage it! And you risk getting the liquid into your system which could cause more costly damage.

The only other option is still way more expensive! Replace the full keyboard.


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You could try to use acetone, but it could remove paint from the keys. I would try to remove the paint by scratching it with a pointy object, being carful of both the keys and your hands(there have been plenty of times I have poked myself trying to scrape up glue). Even if this works a little bit or slowly, I would go with it. Using acetone is a big gamble. I one spilled super glue on a desk and using acetone took off the wood stain. Mineral spirits and terpentin, though they would quickly take the glue off, would absolutely damage the keys.

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I've done the same and it melted the surface of the key, acetone won't help I removed it with water sand paper (1200) and then car paint polish.


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I have the same problem right now to where my school computer have nail glue on it and on the mouse pad. Put nail polish remover on it. ALSO get a bowl of WARM WATER ( DO NOT POUR IT ON I REPEAT DO NOT POUR IT ON) Get a small towel and dab it really gentle. And it should come off.

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