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Reparatiehandleidingen voor fototoestellen ontworpen door Logitech.

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My Logitech alert stops working after a period of time

I have been using my Logitech 700E for about 4 years. I have a total of 7 Logitech cameras. One of my 700e camera's works for about 6-10 hours, then it no longer works.

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Hi, You say "works for about 6-10 hours, then it no longer works". What then, does it work again sometime later, if so how long does it take before it works again? Is the power supply for it OK? Can you swap the camera with another one to prove whether it is the location/connection or the camera that is the problem? What have you tried?


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There is a class action lawsuit in the works in San Francisco against Logitech because of the high number of Alert 700e camera failures. Some contend that the design used components that will all ultimately fail after enough time. One theory is that the Alert cameras write the video to NAND memory which has a limit to the number of times it can be written to before it wears out.

This camera system is just som piece of junk

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This is probably the Logitech Alert power supply going out and needs to be replaced because it is a bad design or poorly made by professional morons. Yep, morons anyway.

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