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An economy SUV by Mazda, not the greatest sport utility vehicle in the world, just a Tribute. Made in the USA by Ford Motor Company. Simply a rebadged Ford Escape.

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Why won't my Mazda 2003 tribute won't start?

Car is getting sufficient fuel and spark but won't start.

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@moonblue have you tried to get the OBD scanned? what have you checked? How do you know that it is "getting sufficient fuel"? You checked the fuel pressure?


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Check wires! Mine somehow shorted out. The wiring harness for the engine goes behind and between the alternator and starter. I think there was a clip holding it up away from the heat because I found some plastic pieces broken back there same color/size as others. No idea what it was supposed to look like before. Anyway that part of the harness’s wires melted causing a short to either the starter or alternator. I'm still trying to figure out which one. Not easy to access! Hope this helps a little.

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