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Swagway self balancing board.

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Beeps, but no indicator lights


I have a broken hoverboard, that Im trying to fix.

At the moment when I push the button to turn on, I hear a tree-tone beep, and both battery and status led turn on green. Leds are on for a second and then they both turn off. But when I push the pads, the other blue leds in front of the board light up, indicating that I pushed on the pads. In other words, they react on pressure. But there is no movement on the motors and no indicator lights for battery and status. When I push the on/off button again, I hear a short beep indicating the board is turned off. And when I plug in the charger, I hear a two tone confirmation of charger present/ disconected.

Does anyone know what could cause the problem?

Thank You!

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There are on one side of the mainboard 4 black capacitors and in the center of then, there is a big transistor. Type is TIP127. This one is responsible for on/off switching. Try to replace and test again. I suggest however to replace this one for an TIP137, this one can handle a little more power.

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sounds like something wrong with the mainboard. green light should be on on charger uuntil connected and should flash red if charging.

open up and check the battery is charged ie approx 37v. if charged check red black lead switch is working.

check resistance across battery leads on mainboard o is oshort cct 10meg ohm is what it should be.

you can buy a mainboard for approx 30 quid

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Did this fix your board. I have the exact same symptoms,



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