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The second generation of the Samsung Gear, a round smartwatch running Samsung's Tizen smartwatch OS. The Gear S2 was released in October 2015.

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How to fix the accelerometer

I have a Samsung gear s2. The accelerometer stopped working, then starting counting way too many steps, and now stopped working again. Consequently, the pedometer doesn't work and the wake up gestures do not work.

Any suggestions? I don't think the watch is under warranty anymore.

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I have the same issue, and maybe a workaround for you. I already contacted Samsung Service as well but they mentioned it should be a single issue only. :-( and should contact a service center.

However, here my workaround:

Go to the phone app, switch to the digit keyboard and type/dial *#0*#

Now you are in the service menu. Choice "sensors" and check the first entry accelerometer .

When you see the digits changing then your sensor is working. When they are not changing, your sensor hangs. Click on the "graph" button, you will see a flat line, because the sensor hangs. Double wish from up to down on the clock screen you will come back to the sensor menu, but suddenly the sensor is working again. This happened to my gear s2. The issue is this way will not resolve the issue. E.g. When you sync with S Health the Sensor hangs again und you need to restart the procedure.

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For me your solution worked the first time around. But after reboot it froze again. Tried repeating the steps but it just wouldn't start working again. :(


Hi Roy, that is what I found out as well. I had to repeat my above mentioned steps several time before it worked fine. However, meanwhile I got the info from Samsung directly that this is an issue with the gears2, means the watch is defective. My problem is that I bought the watch via eBay in Germany, but my watch was original bought in Arabian Emirates, so no support in Germany. :-) Samsung sent me the watch back without repair. That is Samsung! Nice stuff, bad service.


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I bought mine on as well but it's default language appears to be Spanish (used upon factory reset), so at least it could be European model. Either way, I went to an official dealership in a nearby town and the official said that they only deal Samsung and don't offer any tech support. Apparently all the official Samsung stores in Germany have been shut because of some weird reason. So I'm kinda stuck. :(

Btw, after factory reset, it worked until first sync with my phone, so I decided to try switching of bluetooth on the phone and rebooting the watch. At reboot, for about 20 seconds the step counter remains at a 0 and everything works, then it updates and a number pops up. No idea where is it getting the figure from, could it just be a software issue, if it's not even connected to a phone?

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Hi Ray, the phone himself is tracking steps as well. Therefore you saw that uppoping numbers. What happens when you reboot the watch and switch off bluetooth on phone and watch before?


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