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An entry level smartphone released in April 2014. Available in black and white.

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Can not establish a reliable connection

After I downloaded a wireless update, I restored my phone because I keep getting a message " cant establish a reliable connection " when I am trying to sign into apps or google play store. My search internet engine works, my texting and calling works. I can connect to 4g and WiFi full bars.

My date and time is correct. Also I have tried to clear my caches n data under apps Please help!!! Its been three frustrating days.

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I updated yesterday on my phone and got hosed by the update. several youtube videos have steps to try and correct this. some worked for others and some did not. I will try the root phone method tonight after work. You can search by " Android phone cannot connect to google server".

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Did u get it fixed I am having same problem after a wireless update


Same problem I am having.


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