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The Mac mini family was first introduced in January of 2005.

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Stickies application will not open.

When I click on the stickies icon in the doc or in the applications folder no stickies will appear. I get the stickies bar across the top but no stickies.


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On the menu bar at the top navigate to Window and confirm that there are any active stickies. There should be a list of all open stickies there, click one to pull it to the front. If there are no stickies listed, then all Stickies have been closed. Make a new sticky by going File>New (+N).

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It's working

if you see the menu bar change, and the throbber in the the Dock. Also check under Apple icon->Force Quit if it's frozen it will be noted.

• To close this note, click the close button.

• To collapse this note, double click the title bar.

• Your current notes appear when you open Stickies

If you have no new or current notes there's nothing to show.

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Good Luck,


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Thank you so much. You rock!


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I had a similar issue with my computer showing the Stickies app being open, yet the Stickies were not visible.

  • Make sure Stickies is open
  • Menu Bar -> Window -> Expand

Hope this helps at least one person.

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guys real problem solver for disappeared stickies, check this link out ,

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