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Repair Guides for Sony Laptops

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Why won't my computer work?

So I have a Sony Vaio that I fixed a while ago. The original problem was a faulty hdd. It was fixed by formatting (or re-partitioning I chat remember) and installing Windows. It's worked for a couple of months until this morning when I turned it on and it threw up a "error code 0xc00000e9". I disconnected everything's plugged into the laptop (besides power) and tried again, to no avail. Last night I installed a game (I played it until I shut of my computer) that may have contained a virus. Since you can not boot into bios in Win 10 I put the inatalation disk in and turned it on again. However, after it reaches the troubleshooting menu, it simply reboots, giving me no time to fix the problem. After taking the cd out, to try and restart it, it now shows "A disk read error occurred. Press ctrl+alt+delete to restart". However, doing that does nothing. Can this be fixed? And if so how? Otherwise, I might just buy a SSD start from a fresh computer (I have no backups :( ).

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Hi. Can You provide your BIOS settings. Look for HDD settings in BIOS.And check bios for updates.

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The thing is, since I have Win 10, and the computer won't respond to my efforts, I have no way to access the Bios.


Update: Using a Win 10 Repair Disk I burned on my backup laptop, I have gained access to the troubleshooting and repair menu. Will continue to try and fix the problem.


why can't you boot into bios? I have 3 computers running W10 and I can get into bios on them all.


Update 2: After making a Win 10 repair disk, and doing an "auto repair", Windows has told me that HDD failure is imenent, leading me to believe that the HDD is shot. Will replace with either a hdd/sshd/ Ssd.


Can you provide laptop model?


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