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BlackBerry's newest flagship that features a physical keyboard.

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I cannot power on my blackberry passport

I have been using my blackberry passport for more than a year now. I was charging my phone and left for bed. Upon arrival at charging spot, my phone was off, I have been trying to power it on ever since then to no avail. There is even no led indicator for charging as it's switched off when I try to charge.

Any possible resolution/cause of fault?

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My blackberry passport can not get hard reset,97% done but not more and can not open it


My blackberry passport stop working but when I power the phone the red light will come up can I do to on the phone this problem has make me to pack the close to two years


I can not on the phone black berry passport but the red light is on


Still waiting


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Several things can be tried.

1. Hard reset. Press power button for 10 seconds and see if that restarts the phone.

2. Hard reset. Press volume + and - buttons for 10 seconds and see if that restarts the phone.

3. Connect phone to computer via USB port and startup BlackBerry Link. See if phone appears as connected. If phone connects, proceed with immediate full backup.

4. Device reload. If while connected, BlackBerry Link cannot connect to phone, select Reload software to restore phone to factory settings.

5. If warranty is expired on phone, try to find an authorized BlackBerry repair centre and send for repair.

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Try taking the batter out and putting it back in. If that dosent work then take the batter out and take a pencile eraser to the battery connecteors and then blow away the eraser havings away and if they dose not work you will most likely have to buy a brand new battery. I hope this helps you fix your problem.

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How do you take the battery out in a Passport?


Thank you.

The phone powered on by itself after spending 5days of black out. My guess was the phone battery was overcharged.


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Dear Olugbenga Ogunyemi

Your blackberry passport won’t power on? Maybe it’s just a charging port or battery problem, but it can be the buttons or worse: the motherboard like mine. The parts are hard to find. Good luck!

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