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The Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo was released in February 2014. It is a mid-range smartphone with a 5.01-inch display and a variant with dual SIM. The GT-I9060I model is known as the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus.

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How can I get IMEI?

I used my phone until battery down.The firewall is down and new firewall is updated.when I open my phone IMEI is null.Service centre sin my city ,they can't solve.

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IMEI is either based on Software or IMEI from your phone, the only way you can get it back is by writing an IMEI back to devices.

No service centre of samsung is capable of writing IMEI to save black market of mother board.

the only way is you write the complain to SAMSUNG saying this has happened and samsung main office must be able to help you as loosing IMEI is error or device issue , and legally if phone does such error you are cover by government lay that samsung must support you

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