Is my computer fixable?

Alright so about a year ago, my niece (love her to death) spilt water on my computer and it was a hefty cup. Fast Forward a year later and my computer magically shuts off... I send into apple and they tell me water damage on Mother Board and I was like "$@$*" but since then my computer still works... Maybe for a time span of 10-60 minutes then it'll shut off.. Im wondering what I can do to save my Mac before coughing up 2.5k for a new one.

Details of when shutting off : I will be watching a show and mac will get warm then it shuts off screen and system but before completely shutting off the Fan sounds really loud

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Lets get some better diagnostics here. You'll need to buy this app: TG Pro to see whats happening with your systems thermal sensors as thats the clue here on what will be needed. Once you have installed take a snapshot of the main screen and then monitor it on the side as you watch a vid. Don't let the system wink out on you as soon as you think it might take a second snapshot of the screen so we can see what your idle and high heat load is. Paste the two images into your question (edit mode) so we can see.


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