A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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SMD components behind the HDMI Port?!

I get a used PS4 with the "HDMI-Port problem". So i bought a new HDMI Port but when I tried to solder it, i saw the damaged smd components...

Did someone know the smd components behind the HDMI Port?

Block Image

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The one that is closest to the HDMI port is a diode. the other one right under it just needs to be repositioned...it's a resistor but it still looks good.

If you look directly across from your red square right below the HDMI port mounting pins on the other side you are also missing another diode (the exact same as the one from the other side) and below that a capacitor.

Your best bet is to get a junk motherboard to steal these components from...although the PS4 will still work fine without those diodes it does need that missing capacitor. I don't have the specs for that one.

Hope this helps.

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Wow thats an awesome answer. Do you know all that because you know, Electronics or is it because you know the PlayStation? Reason for asking is I have an escape with am components. I'm lost because I can't identify components I can't solder the am without making thing's worse. And I don't know why the same components keep blowing out.


I know electronics somewhat, but I've fixed literally thousands of PS4's so I know them fairly well.

I'm guessing I'm not a good person to ask about your "escape" since I'm not even sure what you're talking about. You may want to start another question about it here on ifixit.


Can anyone provide specs on the missing diode and capacitor in this image that are on the left hand side opposite the red square, that TronicsFix noted - I recently went in to do an HDMI connector repair, and noticed those were missing on the motherboard I am currently working on - anyone able to help?


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hi my dear, i would like references diodes and resistor around the ps4 hdmi? Thank you

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One diode is a « dj » you have a lot in motherboard


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