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Support and repair information for MacBook Air models with 13" displays

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Display connection is covered in tape

The display cable is covered all around with a yellow transparent tape. It is not attached to the socket. When i peeled the tape back the cable came with it. Could this be the source of my display problem. And no this has never been tampered with. I do not understand how it worked before. Should i connect and try before i proceed with display replacement. The mac was dropped and display went out.

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Can you give us your exact model info. If you don't know you can check it here using your systems S/N: EveryMac


That machine has been worked on. Apple did not do that.


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ok I decided to stop disassembly at that point and plugged in the cable. I then reassemble the air and booted up to check the screen.

all I got was some lines across the screen and then it went out. At that point I decided to replace the screen I received from Ifixit and rebooted the system again and voila! there was my computer. I did make a boo boo though I damaged the blower connection and had to order a new one :(. I was surprised the system booted up to show me the screen worked. I had to shut off before I overheated the cpu. Thanks for the response guys. Is it usually that hard to get that blower connection to connect? Yep I unlock the clip.

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