Headphone jack no longer working properly

So I just recently purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy J1. After about four weeks of mild but frequent usage, the phone no longer produces sound from the right speaker of ANY listening device. Not just one pair, but every earbud and headphone I've tried all had the exact same issue. I in no way shape or form tampered with or damaged the phone to cause this to happen. Looking inside the port with a flashlight, I saw no signs of lint or debris, so I know for sure that the connection is not being obstructed by anything. I know the phone uses 3.5 mm jacks and all of my headphones are that size. When I plug one in, I can only hear sound on the left side and I have to twist and press down the jack to hear sound on the right side as well. Thank you for reading my question and I hope you are having a great day.

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