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Toyota tundra weird electrical problem, draining battery while I sleep

2004 Toyota Tundra runs and cranks great, but when left overnight, won't turn over and i have to jump it. battery is good. something is discharging the battery overnight. everything electrical seems to work fine. hmmmm. any ideas?

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There could be a light on that you aren't noticing. There could also be a short in the wiring some place. To narrow down the problem you would put a multimeter set to the highest amperage it has in series with the battery and remove the main fuses one at a time until the current drops to approximately 0.2 A or less. That's the circuit the short is on. This should be done with the key off and the doors closed. The owner's manual should describe what each fuse is for. Is there an under hood light on that vehicle? It could be bent into a position that leaves it on.

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awesome! thanks Josiah. i cant wait to try this.


draining issue on 2008 toyata tundra 5.7 w/towing package- drain is caused by a flaw in the towing wiring-In fuse box in engine compartment: I removed 1 fuse for trailer lights-tested both side of fuse socket- I HAD 12V ON BOTH SIDES with fuse removed. -second fuse: I removed also. I removed both trailer fuses, lights and aux trailer fuse- no more dead battery, just need to replace before trip-remove after arrival and replace for return. Then remove once home-otherwise install a fuse-able switchable lead to both fuse sockets and switch it when needed-otherwise-GOOD LUCK finding the wiring problem-could be a very weak short-in harness/plug/ect.


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