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The Huawei Ascend G610 is a 5.0-inch Android smartphone released by Huawei in 2013. The G610 includes models G610-U00 and G610-U20.

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My g610 wont turn on but charging

My huawei not turn on but charging. Wont hard reset or even respond when plugged via usb on pc

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Have you checked to see if your power button is just not working anymore? If you are sure that it works, meaning if the screen times out while its charging, and you press the button, it responds then this issue could be a couple different things. It could be a motherboard issue which is really not fixable. Or it could even be a battery problem. If the battery is easily replaceable, then go ahead and try to order a new battery. Try to buy it from somewhere that accepts returns. like Amazon or something. Hope this was helpful.

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