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HP Part#: CN731A#B1H: Printer, scanner, copier, web browser with wireless internet capability

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How do I destroy data stored in the printer?


During last moving my HP 110 printer got damaged, the LCD screen fell off. I want to get rid of the printer, but not before I make sure data stored is not accesible. I noticed the posting about removing the motherboard. Would that be enough (with the provision that I destroy the mother board after removing it)?


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removing the motherboard is normaly enough . this is were the cache is..

You can also remove all the PCB's you find:)

overwriting the firmware is also ok. but i think you will not sell the printer again? :)

Kind regards,


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A shotgun blast or two pretty well insures that it's non-recoverable. But I'm from Texas.


that would do it :) , i'm from Belgium ( unfortunately) and thats illegal here, but i follow your thinking


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