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Coolpad 3300A is an affordable smartphone that is manufactured by Coolpad Group Limited. The Coolpad 3300A was released in 2015 for under $150.

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not able to install apps or use play store app

tried clear data from google play services still no luck.

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Why is it that I can not install apps? Why is it that my phone ring is not working? What can I do to put a manual factory app back on my phone?


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Play Store is the official and trusted source to download and install apps on Android devices. But, some glitch makes it impossible to access or install the app from the play store. Troubleshooting the error need to access the series of remedies. Here are the few:

• Check Internet Connectivity

• Check For Available Storage

• Check The storage Permission for Play Store.

• Check The Network Permission for Play Store.

• Uninstall Play Store Updates

• Download Playstore App Manually

• Set Download Preference in Play Store

• Clear Cache Memory

* Sign out and Sign in from Other Gmail Account

As there is no specific explanation to the error, and so there is not a single solution as well. In order to solve the download pending error on play store, you need to apply all these methods one by one and see which one worked for you. Do mention in the comment about the process you followed to solve the error. This will help others,

Source: Play Store TroubelShoots

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