sd card mount question

how do i get a microsd card to work so i can use it to purchase more games than i have storage for on my 7" apex tablet?

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I have a question regarding to "SD" in which it is referring to the internal, such as a memory. I did took the bac cover out and never found any SD card inside the tablet. Now can anyone explains this to me what does "SD" stands for?

I like to answer to Heather's question. I think I made a honest mistake for buying APEX Tablet and I do find this thing sometimes not functional at all. All I can do is to go on internet, check the email.

However, for the external slot for MicroSD card. this may work to get OfficeSources to open like Words, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

In my conclusion; this device is not reliable and nor it is running in Windows or Linux mode. but it is run in SDK mode. I looks forwards to sell it off on eBay.


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