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HMDX Jam HX-P230 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker manufactured and released by the HMDX Company in 2012. Also known as JAM classic portable speaker.

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No sound coming out of my speaker no matter what I do

My speaker turns on with the blue light flashing and my phone's bluetooth connects right away, but no sound comes out of the speaker anymore. It's pretty much brand new and in the beginning I could hear it turn on; now nothing happens, but I know it's charged and turned on.

I've also tried to hold the pause/play button for 5 seconds in hopes that it would reset something and then reconnected my phone's bluetooth and still no sound is coming out.

Is there something I'm missing or something else I can try?



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I had the same problem with a Sony GTKXB7BC speaker. I followed the instructions in the manual to reset it which fixed the sound problem. I am, however, having the same issue on a RevJams Satellite mini speaker (i.e., connects to BT, pause/play button works as I can see reaction on my Pandora app, but no sound). Pressing and holding the mode button does not work. Will update if I meet with success.


My light come on, but my mode screen is not displaying the différent mode, and the lights are flashing.


Where does the speakers hook up to the motherboard one of my speaker wire chain loose from the motherboard


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My HX-P250 did the same thing. My phone wouldn't pair to it any more and the speaker kept saying paired but apparently to something else. I could hit play on the speaker and there was a weak signal playing music so it was definitely paired to another device and it wasn't mine.

Several have said to reset by holding the play button for 5 seconds. Maybe that works on the P230 but for the P250 you need to hold the +/- buttons down simultaneously for 5 seconds to reset it. After I did that it paired easily to my phone. I'm guessing I had to reset to clear out the other device from pairing to my speaker.

Hope this works for you!

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