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The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a point and shoot camera that uses the Android operating system. The camera features 21x optical zoom and a 16 Megapixel sensor, as well as Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular connectivity.

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I've forgotten my password

I've forgotten my password to access my Samsung Galaxy Digital Camera. How can I reset the camera please?

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@eirwen27 try this for a hard reset (you will lose anything on the camera):

Turn the power off

Simultaneously press and hold the Power button and slide the Zoom to the + position until the Samsung logo appears then release.

From the Android system recovery screen, select wipe data/factory reset.

Select Yes -- delete all user data.

Select reboot system now.

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It did not do what you said it would do.


I tried it a 3rd time and it worked


Kim Savage If at first you don't succeed.....glad it worked for you.


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