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Model A1051 / 4 of 6 GB harde schijf

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My iPod cannot detect being charged

I got myself an iPod Mini recently from eBay. Everything seemed to work OK, but then I decided to format the device, since well - I had to put my own music on it. Of course, iTunes asked me to download and upgrade to the 1.4.1 firmware - and I did.

The iPod got stuck at the firmware upgrade, and only shows up a picture of a power adapter being connected to a plug.

This is *not* a problem related with the chord or the adapter. I tried using a 12W adapter that I checked with an iPhone before testing it on the iPod. Yet it fails. I checked on Diagnostic mode, on the CHRGCUR option, and it does not detect being plugged on (shows up the "NO CHRG" value) - unless I set USBSUSP and CHGRSTN to 0 (I don't know what these values mean, though), showing up the desired "CHGRING" text. The value keeps at "NO CHGR" if disconnected or connected to a computer.

I thought about the chance of the battery being dead... but the "BATT A2D" menu seems to disagree. As I am writing this, it has a value of 649, and I think that's way too much for a broken battery.

I also have tried this trick, but it's completely useless.

Could anyone tell me how to fix this or, at the very least "fool" the device into thinking that it is being charged?

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Well… this got too quiet, don't you think?

I just found out that by setting up USBSUSP and CHGRSTN properly, the STATUS test will show up the iPod as being "CHGRING". This seems to indicate that the iPod can be configured to detect power input as desired. Now I'll have to find out if those settings can be saved and used while updating…

I also got hints around the Internet and the firmware that Firewire-charging could fix the problem as well. However, nowadays Firewire cords and power bricks are too expensive (at least here at Europe), so unless I manage to find a cheap one I can play with, it's not an option.


This question is still open. If anybody wants/can to reply with a solutipon other than "replace your logic board"/"buy a new iPod", it'll be very welcome.


Well I just got a used iPod 4th (grayscale) from ebay. My iPod is weird.. It just turned off when its HDD started to spin (e.g. music, ipod quiz, etc.) But when I opened the device with my computer, its data was not corrupted and was able to play musics stored in the iPod. So I restored my iPod, and plugged in 10W USB charger (of iPad Air 3) and it boots. My CHRGCUR option says “CHGRING” in the USB500 submenu. Hopefully it helps?

Btw my ipod is still weird. lmao


@espectalll I succeeded with 10W charger of the iPad Air 3. I was originally planning to buy a firewire brick charger (used) and cable (new) in eBay. Some Chinese sellers sell those at around $15.. I live in Korea so the shipping fee is quite cheap. Anyway I wanted to let you know that you could still get a cable at decent price, or try different adapters in your house.


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Try investing in a new logic board and changing them over as that is the brain to the iPod and is behind a majority of issues with iPods if it fails to charge still then replace the battery this can be done very cheaply well at least a lot cheaper than buying a brand new one but at the same time it's only a option if you are technically minded like myself

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