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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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MBP Battery Information And Issue

Hi experts,

I just replaced an old battery that stated service battery and after changing a new one, the macbook will automatically shut down (not sleep) when discharged to 7%.

I had asked for a new replacement of battery because it maybe defect, after changing a new one, the problem still the same, shut down when discharged to exactly 7%. So I'm wondering whether it is my macbook pro issue or should i update something after a new battery replacement. (The seller don't know too, sorry not buying from ifixit)

After i check on the system information, I realised there are difference of battery information between the battery I swapped from the macbook.

My question is that is there any way to update my battery information like the battery firmware or others which maybe the cause of the issue?

OR is there any way to solve this problem?

I had tried reset SMC and PRAM/NVRAM, also tried recalibrate the battery too.

Thanks. Need Help.

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The readings may simply be off. With iPhone, the battery % is very inaccurate. I'd assume same with the MacBook's OS.

Leaving my iPhone on overnight on standby will report it dropped from 100% to 96% when in fact it dropped to 91% when I test it.

Honestly, if I was you, to sustain the longevity of your battery, I wouldn't be letting the Lithium Battery drop below 20% in the first place.. ;x

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Hi Sumona,

Thanks for your reply.

Well on your point of view, this should be the same problem as you got. But before I replaced the new battery, the old battery % reading has no problem, which will sleep when hit 0%. But this time on the newly replaced battery, it shut down when hit 7%.

The readings simply be off? How to fix that? Is there any settings had to be changed or reset the reading?

What I need is a maximum battery life, so that I would last as longer as possible without charger in University.

Thanks, need more help.


It cannot be fixed I believe as this I assume is governed by the internal 'smart chip' located on the Lithium Battery itself. It's either wrong, or it is correct yet holding you from completely draining the battery. Perhaps you just need to keep charging and discharging to calibrate it better.

If I was you to conserve some life time I'd dim the screen and so on.. can't you charge at Uni? :c


Thanks for the advise, hope more charge cycle will fix the problem like you said.

Ya, I have tried to turn off unnecessary services for more battery life. I can charge at Uni, just that I don't want to bring bulky charger to Uni everytime, same to everyone right? :)


There's also the possibility that when it drops to 7%, there's not enough voltage being supplied to the computer, thus it just shuts itself off as a protective countermeasure. ;x

It doesn't turn back on at all, when it has dropped below 7% correct? Just to clarify. ;d

If it doesn't then yeah, just needs to be calibrated better. ;d


You are right, this is the situation I'm in. I also checked with other website said not enough voltage to power it on. As I mentioned, it shuts itself down, can't turn on at all when touch 7%. I never see 6% or below, just saw a few seconds of 7% and poom.

So it is the battery compatibility issue itself or the power supply issue? Any solution for that?

One more thing, is the serial number of every battery differ? It's unique right?

Thanks for the helpful explanation.


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