The Canon PowerShot SX280 HS is a 12 mega-pixel pocket point-and-shoot camera with super-zoom with a 20x optical range and built-in Wifi and GPS.

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Stuck Camera Lens Cover

The camera lens cover no longer opens when the camera is switched on. Tried replacing and removing battery powering down when lens extended. Reset to factory defaults doesn't make any difference. Tried lightly brushing the cover and using a hoover close by to remove any "specks" of dust / debris that may be preventing the mechanism working. You can easily move both halves of the cover assembly manually with a soft brush so it is not 'jammed' in that sense.

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Its possible that some debris found its way in the mechanism or gearing that operates the lens barrier doors when the camera powers up. I would suggest to have it looked at by a repair shop there are small springs and parts that make up for the operation of barrier doors. If your mechanically inclined and can repair it yourself with some patience, some of the barrier door assemblies can be removed at the front of the lens assembly. It may come out as a one piece unit or the doors are part of the lens barrel assembly. I have 13 years experience in the camera repair field used to see this problem on quite a few cameras, found anything from a grain of sand caught in gearing to timing being off from impact damage. Hope this was helpful for you.

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Is it always the case that service centers would recommend to replace the whole lens?




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