I messed up the phone somehow using a low battery.

I know it's probally too late for this post, but I've been researching this problem for 2-4 years now and still can't find anybody who had this happen to them before, and I need help. It all started when my cell phone collection was getting started. I had my charger out (it wasn't plugged in at the time), and I was messing with the phone. I had a (stupid) idea to keep turning the phone on while the battery was at it's lowest. So I kept doing it over and over. And the phone had it's last calculation when 2 seemingly debug related messages appeared: One was about it complaining about some file when I powered it up at that time, and then there was one that was a actual error that kept flashing rapidly when I held down the power button. It faded away, and took whatever component I potentially damaged with it. After that, I plugged the phone into the charger, but all I got was the usual click sound I hear when it powers on, and nothing else happens.

I researched this for too long, and it's about time I find a answer to this strange tragedy.

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