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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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MBP Subwoofer Cone Rattled

Hello experts,

I'm using Macbook Pro 13" Mid 2010.

My problem is that the subwoofer broke, producing buzzing sound, the sound produce vibrate the whole body of my macbook on certain frequency.

I had open up my backplate of my macbook and checked, the subwoofer cone, the sort of leather like had peeled off which causing the sound produced buzz and vibrating the whole body.

It's an old model and I'm don't wish to replace a new subwoofer and don't mind the lack of surround sound.

I'm not an expert so my question is that if I simply remove the cone of the subwoofer, disconnect the wire connecting cone, will it damage or cut off the circuit of the right speaker??? Is it right to do so.

OR any experts please suggest how to disconnect the subwoofer from producing weird and vibrating buzz sound without disconnecting the right speaker. Anyhow I just don't want to replace the whole right speaker component.

Thanks and need help.

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On the other question, What happens if you remove the cone and disconnect the connecting wires ? -> Answer is : Nothing bad happens. I have done this i,e fully removed the cone in my 2 macbook pro (Mid 2012 and Early 2015 model) having the same rattling problem. Result is, NO rattling / no vibration, just sound is a bit lower than usual, specially the voice sound. Music is fine and sharp. I think I can live with this slightly lower sound. But overall I found no problem so far. Hope this helps somebody.


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After years of usage, the subwoofer from the right speaker component will rattle cause of the cone leather to worn out and peel off. This causing the cracking and buzzing sound.

This problem can be fixed by applying the cone with adhesive glue which is industrial grade and can withstand high temperature.

This is a low cost and easy fix without replacing the whole subwoofer and right speaker and there are videos of guidelines that show how to apply the adhesive glue on the affected area of subwoofer.

This is the example, just share

This is similar example Subwoofer Rubber Surround Repair

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Come on, this is a $10.00 part and not really that difficult to fix, just do it. Obviously you have had logic logic board out to see the problem, so you have the skills.

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Hi Mayer,

Thanks for your only reply but it is subwoofer that broke with right speaker compartment which cost actually $20.00 and also delivery fee maybe, I'm oversea by the way, and I can't find the part locally too.

Anyway I don't wish to buy one but just somehow want to know how to disable the subwoofer without damaging the right speaker which is connected.

Thanks for help and wish for more advise.


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I know this might be late but I actually had the same problem. I didn’t want to buy a new speaker and my subwoofer rubber has already been torn out excessively so no chance of glue to save it. I removed the subwoofer cone by cutting the wires connected to it and it worked fine. You may only experience less bass when listening to audio unless u are bothered by it then I would NOT recommend removing the subwoofer

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