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My laptop starts up but my screen does not turn on

Screen stays black, but computer starts up and sounds fine is there a button i need to push or somehow turn up my brightness??

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Does your keyboard have an FN key at the bottom left? If so, Press that button + the screen icon "top row of buttons on your keyboard" a few times and it may work. This is used when you have an external monitor hooked up to your laptop and you only want the external monitor to display.


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Do you hear windows chime as your laptop boots up?,if not then do this try connecting your laptop to a external monitor using the laptops' vga out, then turn on your laptop as usual and try to observe if a display comes out of the external monitor. if none, try turning it off and isolate your RAM or memory individually or much better try removing all your ram and boot up your laptop without ram if you hear a successive beep on power up replace your ram.

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