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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Screen unresponsive after water damage

My phone had some water damage and it was left with a blank screen but would vibrate if I charged it. I sent it out to a place to see if they could revive it by cleaning it but they said they were unsuccessful and gave the phone back to me. About a week later, the phone turned on showing texts, current time/date but I am unable to swipe and enter my passcode. Could this now just be something that could be fixed with a new screen and maybe the cleaning out the phone could have fixed it? I know I had read somethings about replacing the digitizer but not sure if that would apply here. Any insight would be appreciated! I'm still hopeful! Thanks in advance

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Thank you so much for your response! Any idea how much those things run?


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That's exactly right. The digitizer is the most likely culprit. Unfortunately, I believe that the iPhone 6 Plus's screen assembly is fused to the digitizer, meaning that you'll have to replace the LCD and the front display glass (the digitizer). If that doesn't work, then it may be a damaged logic board, however, that's fairly unlikely.

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Nope, this is usually not a display issue. The touch panel section only contains passive components, so usually the touch driver/controller that contains higher voltage is fried.

Anyway try to clean up the corrosion on the connectors and MLB surface first.

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When an iPhone touchscreen fails to respond to touch events that means either the digitizer which is permanently fused to the display is bad or the cable from the digitizer to the board is either broken or incorrectly seated.

(1) examine the connector for any sign of damage (especially where it connects to the logic board).

if it looks okay (it might not be even with careful inspection):

(2) try carefully reseating the display connector

If that fails then replace the display assembly.

It is exceedingly rare that the logic board is the culprit with light water damage since they usually short out completely when water gets into them. What usually happens in moisture gets somewhere in between the display and the digitizer and shorts out the digitizer. I’ve seen this happen on more than one capacitive touch screen when water doesn’t completely destroy the device.

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From what I've seen in several years it's not so easy to damage a screen with water but I've seen many iphone with touchscreen not responding after water damage, because of corrosion or some damaged component on the board. You should try first to bring the phone to a technician with the proper equipment, I'm talking about an ultrasonic cleaner, that he can use to wash the board and remove any corrosion on it. Your phone could come back to work after that.

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