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Huawei Ascend G510 Android smartphone. Announced 2013.

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My phone keeps restarting

Hi, I need some help here, my phone keeps restarting just now, it goes to the home screen then a few seconds it will restart again and same thing goes up to now. I tried hard reset it says that Emmc readonly, you cant update your system.

please help. Thanks

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Please Help :)


have you tried syncing it to your computer?


no, not yet.. Do you think one of the causes of my phone restarting is the emmc? I did factory reset too and nothing happened


Don't know if this helps but:


woo. Thank you so much for this. I'll check it , Super Thanks:))


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1-fix the battery 90% its not fix on its place

2-change the battery and try another one.


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Try a different charger or get the charging panel checked out.

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