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An industrial gas-powered stove by Vulcan.

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pilot oven light wont stay lit

I am able to light pilot in ovens but they wont stay lit

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Replaced the thermocouple didn't fix prob


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If the appliance has a thermocouple, the problem may be a faulty thermocouple. The thermocouple, which operates as a safety device, turns the gas supply off when the pilot light goes out. It consists of a heat sensor connected to a solenoid; when the sensor is not heated by the pilot flame, the solenoid closes the gas supply line. When a thermocouple fails, the pilot light won't stay lighted. A burned out or broken thermocouple should be replaced. To replace a thermocouple:

Step 1: Unscrew the copper lead and the connection nut inside the threaded connection to the gas line.

Step 2: Under the mounting bracket at the thermocouple tube, unscrew the bracket nut that holds the tube in place.

Step 3: Insert a new thermocouple into the hole in the bracket, steel tube facing up and copper lead down.

Step 4: Under the bracket, screw the bracket nut over the tube. Push the connection nut to the threaded connection where the copper lead connects to the gas line. Make sure the connection is clean and dry.

Step 5: Screw the nut tightly into place, but do not overtighten it. Both the bracket nut and the connection nut should be only a little tighter than if hand-tightened.

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Thermocouple had been replaced with a new one. The trade person doing the thermocouple replacement pulled out wire of the igniter (broke it off??) and told me that it was brittle. Then at the end of the thermocouple replacement he pushed the broken wire of the igniter back (somewhere) and demonstrated that the gas was able to be lit after about 10s of holding the knob. When he left I tried to use the oven but the gas was lit and stayed lit for about 4 minutes and got off (no more flame). After trying again the situation repeated itself. In summary, the gas gets lit after holding the knob for at least 10s and stays only for about 4 minutes before getting extinguished. What causes this to happen?


@Jozef Ostrowski

What is the model number of the oven?

If the igniter is clicking for the entire 10 seconds before the gas ignites, then it seems that there is a problem with the gas flow (solenoid?) or the spark from the igniter.

Once it ignites the burner should stay on at least until the temperature is reached. If the gas solenoid is turning off prematurely this needs to be checked

Personally I would call the repairer back and tell them that it is not fixed properly, after all you've paid for a repair.


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