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Repair information for the second iteration of the Aspire S7, the S7-392. This is a premium 13" ultrabook laptop computer made by Acer.

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No Bootable Device Error after keyboard replacement

I have an Acer Aspire S7 and replaced a faulty keyboard. However I did not disconnect the battery during the replacement and may have corrupted something in the process. After the replacement, when I boot up the computer I get a "no available boot device" error and there are no drives found in the BIOS, indicating that it can't access the hard drive. Since these SSD's seem to be hot-swappable, I don't think I "wiped" the drive during dissembley, but I'm not sure.

Also, the battery doesn't function and doesn't register as charging.

Everything seems plugged in properly so I'm a little at a loss

My initial question what could I have potentially corrupted during the repair? How can I systematically determine what that thing is?


p.s. keyboard works great :P

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My Acer S7 ultrabook some problem switch on (No bootablet please reset system) but will hold the button switch on back not have working

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