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3.28 Megapixel camcorder (Model no. 0280C001) released by Canon in January 2015. Features a 32x optical zoom and has the ability to shoot 1080p video.

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Why is there no sound when recording video?

I am trying to record a video, but there is no audio during playback. How can I resolve this issue?

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I have solved this problem. Previous responders have referred to screen savers. My problem was that when I removed my iPhone from the box I failed to notice that there was protective film protecting the metal back of the iPhone. The microphone is on the back of the camera next to the camera lense. Once the film was removed the sound recording was perfect.



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There are many reasons that could cause audio to not be recorded when making a video. One of the easiest solutions is to make sure your fingers are not blocking the microphones which are located underneath the camera lens. You also have the option to plug in an external microphone if sound is still not being recorded. Make sure your computer's speakers are working correctly as well.

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If you record the video and speak near the camcorder, then after recording when you playback the recording, can you have the audio? Sometimes the camcorder can not pick-up the audio when you are too far.

Or have you tested to take out the SD card to playback in your computer to test whetner is there the audio?

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