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The AT&T Trimline 210M is a corded phone with a lighted keypad and 3 one touch memory buttons. Available in white and black.

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Why is the keypad not lighting up?

The keypad on this phone does not function properly, the lights blink on and off. The actually keys stick in the down position.

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Because there are only 2 LED's (one near the 5 key and one near the 7) that are dim since they are powered by the telephone circuit and don't have a wall transformer wired to the yellow/black pairs. Saying this phone has a "backlit keypad" is a false statement since all the keys can not be see in a dark room.


Further, when this phone is wall mounted, the handset falls out of the base making it totally worthless.


it will not fall out if you reverse the part that holds it. That is in the instructions.


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There is most likely debris inside of the keypad. Open the phone and check the inside of the phone. If not, a part may need replacing.

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